14th Feb 2020

Robotic process automation

AI, Chatbot

Written By, Harshit Shah



In this blog, we are going to discuss the trending topic “Robotic process automation”. It is also known as RPA technology, it is used in business process automation technology. It is based on metaphorical software Robots or AI workers (Artificial Intelligence). RPA is a term for a piece of software or a bot that is used to do a task like humans.

How RPA works:

Once an organization identifies a task or process for a suitable program, the RPA technology that consists of software robots(bots) that are able to work the same as a human are used. These robots, once programmed with selected tasks or instructions, can log into an application, enter data, calculate, and complete whatever task humans assign.

RPA technologies have three categories:

  • Probots – used to follow simple, repeated rules for processing the given task.
  • Knowbots – A knowbot is a kind of bot that collects the information, data from the web sites and stores user-specified information.
  • Chatbots – They are virtual assistants who are able to respond to customer queries in real-time.

RPA is reshaping the process of mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are increasingly getting smarter at responding to user’s usability in a different context, in public and enterprise environments. A user needs an application to do a task in a simpler way and faster way than human power.

Mobile app automation emerges as a massive opportunity for the organization or enterprise, let’s take a look at this influence of automation as a recent trend. We have some key trends in mobile app automation.

  • In some traditional job roles that were responsible for handling repeated task or work across enterprises will become give away for automation tools to do the repeated task.
  • Automation through mobile apps will be utilized through the internet of things(IOT) apps and connected with the ecosystem of gadgets, sensors, application etc.
  • The latest data analytics, Artificial intelligence algorithm, and Machine Learning models will play the most crucial role in creating and leveraging mobile application automation across enterprises.
  • Customer service based on intelligent Chatbot communication will be common across most industries, enterprises, and businesses, depending on prompt customer service.
  • Smart real-time analytics and remote monitoring will be helpful to improve customer service based on communication through intelligent chatbots.
  • Smart mobile application automation tools will ensure the level of playing area in favor of small enterprises and startup organizations.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies that are playing a big role in chatbots and making user conversational bots more effective and efficient for business or organization communication.
  • AI is already being used in the global giant’s organization like Amazon and Facebook to help in identifying the user. Now Instagram is also using AI to showcase content as per the user intent and preferences.


RPA through mobile apps is increasingly the way for smart enterprises. But still, mobile app automation is in the new stage, and it is continuously evolving. In the years to come, we can expect to see more pronounced effects of mobile application automation across industries.

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