25th Jul 2022

The 5 Biggest Impactful Trends seen in Blockchain Technology


Written By, Akash Raidas

Notable trends in blockchain

Blockchain Technology is the most recent addition to the advancing technological solution. The technology is said to resolve several issues that have been bugging experts since the introduction of Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other crypto-based currencies. To understand blockchain one must first know why blockchain is necessary and what fundamental basics it works upon.

Blockchain provides a highly encrypted and secure passage for digital assets to be transferred over the cloud or other internet means. It nullifies the possibility of data mining and guarantees authenticity when the technology is used efficiently. Now you understand the importance of that particular technology in today’s digitally powered world.

The Growth

As soon as digital assets came into existence experts had been trying to construct a distributed ledger connected with each and every dedicated device. Cloud based services gave a tremendous boost to blockchain as it helps them to spread the blockchain network quickly without any restrictions applied.

Well to be specific let’s look at some crisp stats that will surely backup all the praises I am doing so far.

  1. Findstack says, The global market for Blockchain would be worth $1,431.54 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 85% in between those years.
  2. Properly implementing it can eliminate the infrastructure cost of the bank upto 30% mentions Techjury.net.
  3. Statista forecasted that investors have been showing interest in blockchain technology with spending reaching upto to 19 billion US dollars.
  4. Experts have noted that the technology can also be utilized for negating the chances of identity theft by 54%.
  5. The technology is said to increase transparency, traceability and security by 90% in various IT as well as non-IT sectors.

So to understand the technology better and catch up with the latest trends, we made a list of 5 Blockchain technology trends that would amplify the use of blockchain.

These trends will help you precisely narrow down the advantages and benefits of it, if you are an investor and if you’re not why not just enhance your knowledge on the upcoming latest trends. So without further ado let’s jump back to our list.

Blockchain in FinTech Firms

This is an important sector which has recognized the benefits that blockchain brings to the table. A quite common attribute that this technology possesses is scalability and Fintech Firms are always looking for highly scalable technology. Other than that it provides everything that a fintech firm would like to implement in their services.

A decentralized financial system is what every Blockchain Development and IT industry is aiming for, Blockchain complements this and other methods of the Fintech industry. The main idea on which a Fintech firm is established is creating a sense of trust between them and their client, blockchain gives them an upper hand regarding this crucial code of conducting business. It can solve challenges by providing the ability to not depend upon centralized systems, Trustability, optimizing their processes, lowering operational cost and much more.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Health care facilities are introducing blockchain in their day to day operations for securing their massive amount of data. The most general problems that blockchain will address are Data breaches, Bill transactions during e-medical process, secure path of sharing significant information.

The ability to provide a decentralized data management system which is governed by the prominent bodies of the organization is another sub-set of It which it’s being hailed for.


They have been dominating the mainstream media that focus on the evolution of technology. NFTs were there on the internet but people started to label it down and make money out of it. The reason they are scalable, does not need any sort of advanced system, just a digital platform to put a value tag on it.
NFTs is an acronym for Non-fungible tokens, and can be said to be an important part of It as it allows the user to address the transparency of data being transferred.

Most prominent use of NFTs as Digital Trading Assets can be seen in gaming industries. The artists as well as the creators will be able to label their NFTs with unique code that would allow them to perform secure transactions of Digital art and money. Examples like gaming tokes, collectibles, exchanging Crypto for digital assets is getting common nowadays and blockchain is on the verge of enhancing the safety even more.


It refers to Central Digital Currencies and they utilize token or digital assets to establish a means of trade between two parties. Blockchain decentralizes the whole trading system and that is the benefactory attribute which CDBC is looking for keeping the trends and technology in mind.

It will be able to provide benefits like putting policies in order and make sure the regulations are audited proficiently. Ensuring economic growth while maintaining profitable engagement with the other sectors of the country. Supporting prograsssive approach as it helps to become scalable enough.

Other common benefits that CDBC will include is Availability, Streamline reconciliation and Enhance monetary policies to take necessary steps for introducing the technology. The companies which will benefit from these decisions are mostly banking and fintech services. Numerous governments are trying to implement it as fast they can to be benefited by the services Fintech firms provide.

BaSS and Metaverse

Using blockchain as a service is quite smart and complex but the benefits are considerably impactful. Many IT companies are being profited by the scalability, the security and authenticity blockchain brings to the field. It can be considered a third party service but does much more than what it is capable of.

Metaverse will prominently be benefited by this technology which has its one distinctive property of taking the advantage of digital assets. Metaverse is one of the technologies that will get an amazing technical upgrade once blockchain is implemented. The use of digital assets concurrently on a digital platform can be made possible by blockchain.


Many industries have reaping the benefits of It which will only elevate the technology further. Metaverse and cloud based technology has given a prominent boost to the technology and will continue to do so. Soon there will be a time when this intellectual technology may be one of the most advanced cyber security based technologies present out there.

We have listed down the trends that are being highlighted as the blockchain is still being introduced to the scene. Many industries are trying to adapt to the changes and utilize the technology to its full potential. The scalability and security it provides can be considered the main reason industries are showing interest in it. If you are interested in exploring the services of blockchain get in touch with us for more information.

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