25th Sep 2018

Whatsapp bots to grow your business

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Written By, Nikhil Savaliya


WhatsApp has a massive user base of 1.5 billion people and consequently, businesses have a keen eye on WhatsApp until now small business have WhatsApp groups and putting manpower on sharing offers, deals and other customer connects initiative.

In 2017, WhatsApp did a pilot program where they offered limited ability to some company to send messages. Basically, some receive and send API was provided. Eg. Bookmyshow.


Business needs to be the place their clients are and popular messaging applications are those spots today. The business now already using officially launched API of popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, telegram, Line and Viber But very recently, there was one notable holdout—WhatsApp.

More than 1.5 billion people globally use WhatsApp every day to talk to friends and family as well as for work and collaboration, and in August this year 2018, WhatsApp launched the highly anticipated WhatsApp Business API. Businesses have been clamouring for an authoritatively supported approach to communicate with WhatsApp clients throughout recent years. The excitement is more than justified.


  • Dialogflow
  • Twilio

Getting Started

This would be “break the ice” on the tremendous demand of the public to connect a conversation flow or have a chatbot functionality with WhatsApp. For now, there is no Publicly available WhatsApp API to use so in this article we are going to use Twilio WhatsApp API that provide the sandbox version to test our bot and then we can make it public.
This would be a simple prototype for getting response from dialogflow and sending text messages.

Twilio & Dialogflow the integration

  • Create an account Create Project
  • Generate Number in WhatsApp Sandbox
  • You will get one QR code in next step, Scan that with your device, that’s it your sandbox is now active
  • Create Agent In Dialogflow
  • Turn on the Small talk srom side panel
  • Copy the Account ID and Token from Twilio dashboard and paste in dialogflow integration tab as shown in below images



Copy the request URL from dialogflow integration tab and paste in “a message comes in the input box and save”


Now you will be able to do conversation with dialogflow agent if not there is something wrong please check the process again or you can comment your queries here.



Conclusion : –

Now you must be having basic understanding of how to connect dialogflow with twilio and twilio to whatsapp. It’s the sandbox version though you can apply for making it live from twilio console.

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MEAN stack developer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd