4th Aug 2022

A Brief Introduction to Deep Linking


Written By, Shaily Shah


Hello Devs, Everyone is using social media and visiting sites online to fulfill their needs or for other means but it has become an essential part of our day to day routine. While redirecting to the same page gets boring, Deep Linking is more useful to fulfill these disadvantages and can directly go to an internal page. So let’s have a deep look into Deep Linking.


Deep linking allows visitors to click on web, an email or SMS or in another app’s home page and go directly to an internal page. There are not any rules that prohibit deep linking. It gives customized experiences to mobile marketers. It saves users’ time and energy for going to a particular page.

Specifies the corresponding location on the app which the content needs to show.

Deep linking appears

It has two main parts :

  1. scheme
  2. host and path

So, Format : {scheme}://{host_path}

Identifies the scheme to open an app. For our app, it can be https or any other custom scheme that starts the website name.
And Host and Path specify the location in the app where your content exists and location should be always unique , so it can be easily identified.



Deep Linking Advantages

  • With the help of deep linking, marketers can optimize their app marketing campaigns around a single page, stage or catalog without worrying about user navigation.
  • Just a single click and the user can directly go to their chosen destination. So there is no multiple guessed path, signposting and any irritation.
  • It improves UX considerably
  • It provides users with the content that drives that install as soon as they open the app.
  • After installation if it seems as inactive for some time then it provides redirecting towards the pages using encouragement.

Thus, Using Deep Link for your app improves user experience , increases conversions and improves customer loyalty.

Summary of advantages mentioned in below diagram :


Deep Linking Generator

Without any extra effort, users can easily create a deep link.Users can create deep links, deploy it and track the results in the user’s dashboard.

With the help of Adjust’s deeplink generator, users can easily create deep links for any platform, also saves users’ time and prevents errors.

Deep Linking provides re-engaging users for those who have already installed apps. This plays a main difference between Deep Linking and Deferred Deep Linking.

For more ideas about Deep Linking click here.


Deep linking helps users to navigate between the web and applications. Basically they are URLs which navigate users directly to the specific content in the application so users’ time and energy both can save and users’ activities can increase via deep link.

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