14th Jun 2021

Apple Event WWDC 2021: Renovate Extraordinarily

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Written By, Abhishek Bakhai

“Are you an apple products user or developer or are you a technophile?”

Read along to find important highlights of Apple annual event with this year’s tagline “Renovate Extraordinarily”

Agenda of WWDC 2021

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), an event that Apple organizes every year for the benefit of its developer, partners, and product experiences.
WWDC is week-long but on 7th June 2021 Tim Cook and other Apple staff feature in a keynote presentation announcing the major software updates for the year: the new features and other changes coming in the next versions of their products. Many of the new features destined for Apple products launching later in the year will also grace plenty of existing devices too.

So, let’s dig deeper into WWDC 2021 concentrated mainly on a software-based event,

1. iOS 15

The new iOS 15 brings a float of new features along with all important security features.

The main features of the iOS 15 include:

  • FaceTime: With Spatial Audio(Voice Cancellation), Portrait Mode in the video, new grid view and share the FaceTime link.
  • SharePlay: It’s fascinating new features are connected to FaceTime but in their own different way. It’s necessarily designed for flip out of a FaceTime chat using picture in picture, activating another app, and having that app affect everyone on the call.


    Credit: apple.com

  • Photos: Interactive Memories with Photos along with Personalized Recommendation.
  • Wallet: Keys(that includes hotel keys, Workplace keys, etc) and ID Cards(that includes office iCard, Licence, etc) coming to Wallet.
  • Maps: Update Maps with an attractive NightTime View, Additional road details in cities, bikes, bus, taxi lanes for navigation, and an intuitive 3D redesign.
  • Notification: Notifications Summary i.e. prioritized notifications based on usage pattern.
  • Focus: To focus on your personal work, office work you can use this new mode, it’s the same sort of idea as DND, but extended to more contexts.tools-img

    Credit: apple.com

  • Siri: Richer Offline Support.
  • Weather: Gets a new look, to a great extent attractive new animations, and new climate maps.
  • AirPods Features: Improved performance in the Find My app, a separation alert.
  • Safari: Streamlined tab bar, smart search field, Tab Groups, New Privacy Protections, etc.
  • Health: Share Health Data with doctors and others, Lab results enhancements, Family Health Care History.
  • Capturing Text on the image so you’ll be able to cut and paste text from photos, click on an address to open Maps, or select a phone number in a photo to place a call via iPhone, pinned some message in GoTo Message.

    Credit: apple.com

2. iPadOS 15

Some of the major features which were introduced are listed here

  • Widgets: Now widgets can be placed anywhere you want to like the home screen, among different apps. It will come in a wider and newer format to allow you to see documents, pics, and everything in a categorized manner. It will also facilitate users to contact friends and family with just a tap.
  • App Library: It is now available on iPad and accessible from the dock, and also reorganizes your useful apps automatically into useful categories.
  • Multitasking: New control comes from the top, this allows you to access a multitasking menu, choose a layout whichever you want.(Split View or Slide Over with just a tap)
  • Quick Notes and Notes: Just swipe up from the corner of the screen and you can see the magic. Quick notes on your iPad will automatically be transferred to iPhone and mac. Write down notes and add links, safari highlights, tags, etc.

    Credit: apple.com

  • Swift Playground: Build iPad apps on your iPad, build an app with SwiftUI and see the live preview as you work. Improved code completion, also submit your work straight to the Apple Store.
  • Privacy: More insights into what data apps access from you and more protections.

    Credit: apple.com

3. macOS 12

The new version of macOS will be named after the Californian city of “Monterey”. Apple said that macOS Monterey is coming this fall. Here are details of some of the confirmed features below:

  • Universal Control: It is possible to unite iPhone, macs, and iPad so you could easily handoff between devices (i.e. Easily cut and paste from mac to iPhone and vice versa), Ability to answer phone calls on your macs.
  • Live Text & Visual Look Up: Mac will be able to recognize text in an image, so you’ll be able to cut and paste text from photos, click on an address to open Maps, or select a phone number in a photo to place a call via your mac.
  • Safari: It will be more customizable than ever. Tabs seem to be getting a big refurbishment that should make it neater and better.

    Credit: apple.com

  • Shortcuts: You’ll be able to find prebuilt shortcuts in the Shortcut Gallery and if you build your own shortcuts you’ll be able to share them with your friends.


    Credit: apple.com

4. watchOS 8

The latest software update for Apple Watch will bring new features to help you stay healthy, active, and connected.


Credit: apple.com

  • Photos and Messaging: The Apple Watch is getting the iPhone’s Portrait mode. Also, new in the Photos app are daily memories and featured photos, a grid view of your photo library, and you’ll be able to share photos and music via Mail and Messages, right on the Watch itself. Greater control and ease of use when editing.
  • Health: Real focus on the importance of mindfulness in Apple Watch, so focus features coming to watchOS 8 too. Rebrands the breathe app as ‘Mindfulness’, new Pause to reflect mode. Update Sleep app, which now takes into account your respiratory rate. You’ll get a notification if there are any significant changes.
  • Home: Will be able to communicate with smart home devices in a much smarter way.

5. tvOS 15

Several new updates were confirmed mainly around the interface of the TV homepage, integration with Siri, and the ability to screen-share programs with friends using SharePlay.

  • Siri HomePod mini voice support: Voice control to play specific episodes and movies.
  • For All of You: You can add/ remove users for rows (example shown in below image). A new row with recommendations is really suitable for everyone.
  • HomeKit: Ability to view multiple cameras at once in a handy grid view, Customizable Notifications.


Credit: apple.com

6. iCloud +

It comes loaded with new premium features for better privacy. Include more secure encrypted browsing online. Nobody can track your browsing history, not even your internet service provider. With “Hide my Email”, unlimited temporary email addresses can be used for things. Support for HomeKit Secure Video expands.

Here is the recap to shed better light on WWDC 2021 Event, let’s take a look:

There are many new technology updates coming in this fall, which include major updates on Xcode Cloud and many more software updates, maybe some more useful things for iOS developers or developers in general. Though launch dates are not confirmed yet, to find news and updates about technologies visit:WWDC22 resources and survey


WWDC21 brought in a great set of additions to all its platforms in its ecosystem. The changes were much needed due to this pandemic situation and I’m sure that I’ll help enhance the lives of the users. It’s no secret that each year Apple raises the benchmark of privacy at WWDC. This year Apple went so far as to protect user’s privacy that it tastes like freedom from being tracked 24/7.
For developers, you can find the sessions here (“https://developer.apple.com/wwdc21/sessions/”).

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