23rd Mar 2022

Apple M1 Ultra: World’s most powerful Chip?

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Written By, Ronak Patekar


On March 8, 2022, Apple conducted its Spring Event and in this event, they launched plenty of new hardware products from iPhone SE to Mac Studio, But we aren’t here to discuss all that.
The purpose of this blog is to discuss the main attraction of this event :


What is it actually?

In recent years, Apple has introduced M1 series chips like M1, M1 Pro, and then M1 max.

So we expected a new chip from Apple and the M2 chip was rumored to be launched at this Spring event, but Apple had other plans.

And now Apple has unveiled its most powerful chip and called it: M1 ULTRA.

Apple has literally joined two M1 Max chips together with a connection feature that was kept a secret until now and made M1 Ultra which is now the top-of-the-line M1 SoC.

How is it made?

The most interesting thing about this chip is how it is made.

M1 Max had a secret that was not revealed until now. It has a groundbreaking die-to-die interconnect technology that allows it to build an M1 Ultra with two M1 Max dies, which doubles performance.

Apple connected these two dies with innovative custom-built packaging architecture and named it ULTRA FUSION.

It connects over 10000 signals and provides 2.5 TB/s interprocessor bandwidth between two dies using very little power.

Why is it so powerful?

Thanks to UltraFusion architecture, The M1 Ultra behaves like a single chip to software and preserves the benefits of the unified memory.

Some of the specs that make it this much powerful:

  • 5-nanometer process
  • 20 CPU cores and 32 core neural engine
  • Up to 64 GPU cores
  • 114 billion transistors
  • Up to 128GB of unified memory
  • 800 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • 2.5TB/s interprocessor bandwidth
  • Built-in Secure Enclave

Performance Statistics

Let’s talk about some comparisons claimed by Apple:
This M1 Ultra is 90% faster than Intel’s Core i9-12900K and it uses 100 watts less power than this Intel chip.


Its GPU performance is also incredible, Its GPU performance is comparable to the highest-end discrete GPU (GeForce GTX 3090) but consumes 200W less power.

We saw chip-to-chip comparison, Now it’s time for system-to-system comparison.
Apple is pitting the new M1 Ultra powered Mac Studio against a 16-Core Xeon Mac Pro and Mac studio is 90% faster than Xeon Mac Pro.
And compared to the 28-Core Xeon Mac Pro, Mac studio is 60% faster.

What Next?

What can we expect Next???
One thing is clear: As Apple announced, This Chip is the last in the M1 family transition. In short, Apple’s transition to its own processors is nearly complete.
We can use this beast in New Mac Studio, and we can expect a New Chip(M2 maybe ) in future devices.
Apple also hinted that there will be Mac Pro in near future and it may be the last device that is going to run on the M1 family processor.
So Yeah this is all about New Beast M1 Ultra.
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