3rd Dec 2020

Career As .NET Developer


Written By, Akhtarali Ansari


When placements start in colleges, most students have one thinking which technology should I select as a career path. We are searching for the best technologies in which we are comfortable or can be a good developer, and of course, it should be a good source of income. Considering your career path as .NET Developer, you will probably get all the answers from this blog.

In this blog, We are going to give answers to common and uncommon questions related to .NET Technology by the following topics:


.NET technology is developed by Microsoft. It is a Free, Open source, Cross-platform developer platform for building many different types of applications. You can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build solutions for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT. Microsoft has provided Visual Studio Editor for build .NET Solutions. Apart from this, Microsoft has developed MS SQL Server for Database operations and Visual Studio Code lightweight editor for development.



There are many advantages, it is not possible to cover all of them in a single blog. I have listed only popular ones.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)
  • Code Reusability
  • Write Once, Run Anywhere
  • Security
  • Memory Management
  • Managed Code
  • Friendly Editor
  • Lots of shortcuts which make your work easier.
  • A large community like .NET Foundation
  • A large number of languages supported like C#, F#, Python, C++, etc.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Scalable
  • Performance

.NET Future Roadmap:


[Image Source of MS official Blog]

Microsoft has a set of plans for several releases, here is a roadmap for future releases.

Types of applications in .NET

With .NET Technologies we can build many kinds of applications. We can divide as some of types as below:

  1. Web Applications Includes:
    • Websites
    • Rest APIs
    • Class libraries which communicate with other Internet applications
  2. Cross Platform Applications Includes
    • Desktop Applications (i.e. Winforms, Windows service applications)
    • Mobile Application (i.e. Xamarin Forms)
    • UWP applications
    • Office 365 Applications
  3. Others
    • WPF – Windows Presentation Foundation applications
    • Console Applications
    • Nuget packages
    • Game development (i.e. Unity)
    • Micro services
    • Machine Learning
    • IoT applications

Check below image for Microsoft Development Platform Technologies:


Career Opportunity*

“.NET is a platform for building applications by using different technologies.”. This single statement shows the deepness of .NET technology. There are many areas of .NET which you need to explore by yourself.

Here is the list of some area of interest:

  • Web development (By .NET Framework and .NET Core)
  • Mobile Application development (Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native Android and iOS)
  • WPF
  • Azure Cloud Computing
  • Quantum computing
  • PWA (Progressive Web App) development
  • Extension development
  • Office 365 development
  • DBA in MS SQL
  • Angular with .NET
  • Rest API developer
  • Full stack development
  • Etc.

You already see that most government projects are made in .NET, Not only in India even outside of India. Normally large projects are developed and maintained in .NET technology due to its easy maintenance and scalability.

Skills required for .NET Jobs:

  • Basic knowledge of C#.
  • Understanding of OOPs.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS & Jquery
  • Good knowledge of Database and queries
  • Knowledge of latest updates of .NET
  • Programming logic should be clear.
  • Proven knowledge of theoretical concepts and practical knowledge.

Interview Suggestions:

Normally students have questions about what kind of questions will be asked in an interview of .NET. Here we have listed some of them:

  • What is .NET?
  • Why have you selected .NET technology as a career path?
  • Explain Object Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Be ready for twisted questions like: Explain Early Binding and Compile time polymorphism. (Here both are the same topics known as both name)
  • Explain .NET Architecture.
  • What is MVC(Model View Controller)?
  • What is MVVM?
  • What is dependency injection?
  • Differentiate between Stringbuilder and String.
  • Knowledge of Azure.
  • What is IIS?
  • Math and String functions.
  • Latest version of C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core

Above listed questions are normally asked to fresher candidates in interviews. Candidates should give answers with definition and one real-time example. Try to give smart answers so Interviewers can see potential in you.


Hope you find out more information regarding .NET technology by this blog. If you are a candidate, just keep some things in mind like, properly prepare for the interview, gather maximum knowledge of selected technology (not for only .NET), be polite and give straightforward answers. Hope this blog helps you to select .NET as Career path. Excuse brevity and typos. Thank you 🙂

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