14th Jul 2022

Cosmos DB Emulator and its Installation


Written By, Chintan Patel


Hello techs, There are many Database structures we are using in our  development desires. Using CosmosDB Emulator developers are able to develop and test applications locally without having azure subscription and account in Cloud of Azure.
So let’s have a look deeply and get what’s Cosmos DB Emulator and its installations.


The Azure Cosmos Emulator provides an environment to the developer to develop applications using Azure CosmosDB service.

For using CosmosDB Emulator, Developers can work locally and test the data properly without having an Azure subscription.

Multiple APIs like SQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Gremlin (graph traversal language), and APIs, With a variety of options developers can develop applications in CosmosDB Emulator.

What is CosmosDB?

Azure DatabaseDB with NoSQL database service was designed for high performance along with world-wide distribution for availability.

For achieving application reliability and responsiveness, instances of these applications need to be deployed in datacenters that are close to their users.

Bulk of data changes of applications have a large storage which can be available to users in milliseconds.

System Requirements

Azure CosmosDB Emulator required following requirements:

  • Software requirements
    • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, or Windows 10
    • 64-bit operating system
  • Minimum Hardware requirements
    • 2GB RAM
    • 10GB available hard disk space
  • Prerequisites
    • Azure provides a free of charge without having a subscription to the CosmosDB Emulator. For working in CosmosDB we need .NET Core 2.1 SDK or further versions.

Installation and working of Cosmos DB Emulator

Having full of support to the functionality of CosmosDB Emulator are listed below:

  • Creating and querying data.
  • Provisioning and scaling containers.
  • Executing stored procedures and triggers.

Developers can download and install Azure Cosmos Emulator from the Microsoft Download Center or can run the emulator on docker for windows.

Here are the steps for download and installation steps for Cosmos DB Emulator locally for developing applications.

  • Step 1: Go to Microsoft Download Center site and download MSI Download link as highlighted in below screens.


  • Step 2: Once Cosmos DB Installation is done explore the emulator from the menu.


  • Step 3: Open explorer options to open and use emulators for application development as shown in step 2 screens. Once you check open CosmosDB Emulator in the browser for further usage.



This Blog describes about What CosmosDB is and its installation steps. I hope you are pretty clear about the concepts of CosmosDB.

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.NET Developer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd