18th Jun 2021

Explore Windows 11!


Written By, Akash Limbani


One piece of great news in the Microsoft world, the new OS Windows 11 will be released on June 24th 2021.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella already shared a teaser on Windows 11 during Keynote address at this year’s Build developer conference. Satya said, been self-hosting it over the past several months and called it “The next generation of Windows.”

So in this article, we will explore Windows 11 in more detail. It is to be noted that Microsoft first needs to beta test its new operating system with Windows Insiders before releasing it to manufacturers and the general public.

The next generation of Windows appears to possess a replacement start menu, home screen, startup sound, and a Mac-like vibe. We checked screenshots of a replica of the “Windows 11 build 21996.1”, and found it genuine. It’s being said that Windows 11 adopts visual changes found in Windows 10X, a replacement OS that Microsoft was performing on to rival Google’s Chrome OS.

New Boot Animation

It is much the same as Windows 10 but Windows Icon has been changed a little bit in this new boot screen. It looks much better compared to Windows 10.


New Startup Sound

New startup sound is very soft and that has changed compared to the previous one.
In Windows 11, Microsoft added all new system sounds.

Start Menu

On all the menus on Taskbar, you can move left, right, and also center.

In Windows 11, the Start menu is arranged in the center of the taskbar that is needed for the user. Because in another OS like Mac that is centered, so mac users can easily access windows 11.

The start menu has been simplified, so no more live tiles. Instead of that, a standard icon will appear on the start menu, and recommended apps and files are also available.

Rounded corners on Windows, File Explorer and Icons

All windows and menus appear to have rounded corners. Meanwhile, all the icons are looking more fabulous. Animations are like fluid, definitely amazing.



New snap features into the Maximize button

Windows 11 includes new snap controls that you can access from the maximize button on all apps.
Using that modern equivalents of the cascade windows function that has existed in the operating system for years.
Users can quickly snap windows side by side, or arrange them in sections on your desktop.

New Default Wallpapers

With Windows 11, Microsoft has changed windows default wallpaper and added many new wallpapers gallery with update.


Here is the revolution of Windows wallpapers Windows XP to Windows 11.


Xbox experience in Windows 11

Microsoft is also improving the Xbox experience in Windows 11. The new Xbox is integrated with Windows 11. In that new Xbox quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of the Xbox network, and the Xbox store is available. The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode all remain the same as Windows 10.



So, In Windows 11 Microsoft had changed many graphics, sounds, wallpapers and many functionality with new features. We are very excited to welcome Windows 11 and are sure it will be an amazing experience.

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.NET Developer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd