20th Aug 2018

Fastlane : An automated app deployment tool – Part 1

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Written By, Shubham Sejpal


After app development, the next step is to make app publicly available using play store or app store. Publishing an app is a lengthy process which includes generating a signed apk, uploading it, uploading screenshots, filling out forms which include app description and many more such tasks. Updating an already published app is also includes most of these steps. Which is a monotonous task.

Fastlane is an automated process of app uploading which performs most of these tasks by itself with just few commands. Fastlane, which is already joined Twitter’s Fabric, is now joining hands with Google’s Firebase. That’s a great news…!



Before getting started with fastlane, we, as a developer, need access and rights from client’s play store account. For that, we need Google Play JSON Secret Key.

The Google Play JSON Secret Key is useful for managing the permission and access for uploading and handling the specific app. Whether it is a regular process or an automated uploading process like fastlane.


Google Play Developer Console Account is necessary for generating the Google Play JSON Secret Key. So first of all create the Google Play Developer account if you are not created before.


Step 1: First of all open the Google Play Developer Console and select Settings tab.


Step 2: Now click on the API access from the Setting List and you will find the one button at the bottom named Create Service Account.


Step 3: Now click on the Create Service Account button and you will see the following dialogue. Now click on the Google API Console and new windows will open.


Step 4: Now click the Create Service Account button at the top of the developers console screen.


Step 5: Then Create Service Account screen will pop-up and they will ask for the following details like :

  • Enter the Service account name.
  • Select the Role.
  • Check the option of Furnish a new private key
  • Than check the JSON as a key type.
  • Hit the Save button.


Step 6: Now Back to the Google Play developer console, click on the Done button to close the dialogue.


Step 7: Click on the Grant Access button from the Service Accounts List.


Step 8: Now one pop-up window will appear on the screen for granting the permissions.

  • Do NOT edit the Email field.
  • Select Access Expiry Date as Never.
  • Select Administrator or Release Manager from the given role.
  • Select the App by clicking on Add an App Dropdown if you want to give the access for any particular app otherwise put remains as it is.
  • Click on the Add User.


That’s it you are Done. Now you can upload your JSON secret file wherever you want to use which is downloaded in Step 4.

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Android Developer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd