5th Sep 2022

5 Ultimate Backend Web App Development Frameworks in 2022


Written By, Akash Raidas


We are seeing a rise in web-based products such as web services and resources that are dominating the IT industry. They are in huge demand due to the level of personalization and scalability it offers. 

We are talking about the fundamental pillars on which they are created; Web Frameworks. Here we will discuss the Top 5 backend frameworks, their benefits, and what sets them apart in the market. We will also emphasize why the backend is necessary and overall what it provides.

What are Web frameworks and why are they important

Web frameworks come into effect, to rationalize and eliminate the complex structuration of the web development process this software technology was introduced. Web frameworks help to build web applications from scratch but with proper templating, scripting, and implementing APIs. Each of these characteristics has its way to contribute to the synthesized structure of any web-based application.

Web frameworks are classified into two main categories

  1. Frontend Web Frameworks
  2. Backend Web Frameworks

Here Backend development focuses on the more technical aspects of the website that the user cannot perceive also known as “The server side. While the frontend frameworks operate on the visual aspects of the website which can also be called “The client-side”.

Top 5 Backend Frameworks

Individually there are a plethora of advantages that segregate the below-mentioned Web app development framework from each other, But on a universal basis, they all are open source, including features that help them to integrate and have high-security standards.

1. Angular

The framework is quite popular among its developers since it is maintained by Google itself. It works on a simplistic method where it considers every choice of the developer as code. Even the most minuscule element of the website would be considered a code. But the developer is working on the final results of the codes. The web framework has standard features but they are backed by Google’s practical and technical prowess. 


  • The framework is best known for its ability to put cross-platform development into effect. 
  • Angular’s speed and performance are still unmatched by its rival. It also contains an excellent material design library, Effective problem-solving patterns, and a web interface available that manages several crucial aspects of the web application.
  • In terms of scalability, the framework is highly comprehensive as it contains structural elements like directives, pipes, services and much more.

2. Django

This python-based framework has been in high demand since its level of superiority. Django has made countless contributions to popular websites as well as applications that make use of its versatility, secure practicality and maintainability. It came into effect between the years 2003 and 2005, and the team who developed the web framework catered to projects related to articles and website management. Later at the end of that particular year, it was completely developed to become a software-based web framework offering solutions that were unique and scalable. 


  • The ideology of the web framework is “Batteries included” A very playful term to describe its comprehensiveness. The platform offers everything a developer requires to go beyond the traditional web-building methods. 
  • Django is highly versatile in building various kinds and types of websites. One can create platforms that can manage content, wikis, social media networks, and news websites too. It can cater to projects that are built using a plethora of formats. 
  • A developer is benefitted from the maintainability Django offers as it maintains the patterns of codes which later can be used for various similar kinds of projects.

3. Flask

Flask is another python based framework that boasts of its efficiency and easy-to-learn characteristics. There have been observations that led many to believe Flask is the perfect framework for newbies. Introduced into the market in 2004. The diversity of projects it can handle is simply amazing but the main benefits of the platform are as follows. 


  • The primary benefits of the frameworks include being able to debug at a very fast speed and built-in development servers.
  • Other specific benefits are Unit testing through integrated support and unique RESTful request dispatching.
  • Flask has its own sets of benefits too like Jinja2-based Templating, being Unicode certified, and the capability of being WSGI 1.0 compliant.

4. Laravel

One of the oldest programming languages present in the market and still functioning at its best. Being developed over a long course of time it has been able to adapt to the functionalities of small and big businesses requirements. The framework’s principle and patterns are majorly subjected to Symfony other than that it has been the trendiest archives on GitHub.


  • A well-known benefit of the platform is that it is easily accessible, yet that doesn’t mean a developer needs to compromise when it comes to processing power.
  • Due to the platform offering a built-in template engine it has been highly praised. The engine is convenient and easy to use for new developers. 
  • The most notable benefits that keep this veteran framework on the top of the board are Eloquent Object Relational mapping and MVC Architecture support. Because of these distinctive properties, the frame offers high-performance scalability with secure operationality.

5. .Net

Another famous  Web app development Framework is backed by the technical capabilities of a Tech-Giant. The “.Net” was developed under the banner of Microsoft keeping a simple principle in mind automating the complex task of creating web-based applications.


  • The interoperability between different languages is managed by its unique feature called common language Runtime.
  • Other notable features that can be emphasized are multiple language support and tool support such as compilers, debuggers, and profilers.
  • The platform consists of Authentic resources management and a framework class library to make Web App Development much easier.
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Using these frameworks to develop web-based solutions becomes quite easy. However, it is highly recommended to consider a Web App Development Company that has the technical experience and skilled personnel that allows your business to scale well in the market.

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