22nd Aug 2022

Highlighting the Crucial Upgrades in Material UI Version 5


Written By, Jay Bhanushali


Now, with version 5 material ui is now known as mui. Mui is a react specific library. If you are not familiar with the mui installation process then view here. The new version of mui comes with some new components and attractive features. Let’s go through it.


The work of Stack is similar to the flex property in css. With use of a stack you can set the direction of items in row and column. You can add the divider, icon and image between the items.

Source Code:


Now the speed dial comes into the lab to the core.The use of the speed dial component is to access some quick features to display on hover like taking a screenshot, chat, print the page etc. in speed dial you set the direction with left, right, top, bottom. You can also change the color and image in it conveniently that optimizes your working pattern effectively.

Source Code:


Rating in version 5 comes from the lab to the core. You can make rating style in one single line using component. In rating component you can change the color and image of it.

Source Code:


Skeleton components are used to display a placeholder preview of the content before the data gets loaded to reduce the load time frustration. You can see a live example of it on linkedin. It can support three shapes text, rect, circle.

Source Code:

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I hope that this blog might be useful for working in mui. In upcoming blogs we will discuss more about new updates in front end technologies.

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Web Designer at Yudiz Solutions Ltd