24th Aug 2022

The Impact of IoT in Shaping the Mobile App Development industry

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Written By, Akash Raidas


 IoT has been slowly shaping many industries. We are underlining a few of the frequent benefits that have enabled the mobile app development industry.


Have you ever used a smartphone to turn on your Smart TV? The process is quite easy right? with just one tap you have access to your favorite entertainment. However, the technology behind it is surprisingly more complex than you think.

IoT has been able to successfully connect 10 billion embedded devices so far and the stat will keep on growing up to 22 billion by the end of the year 2025. The technology has been newly invented and has been said to be a prominent advancement of the 21st century. Kevin Ashton was the first person to ever recognize the potential of this particular technology and coined the term “Internet of Things”. 

The Internet of Things can be the leading technology enabling the development of mobile applications making them more accurate, agile, and personalized. The blog will provide insightful information related to IoT and the future of mobile applications. 

What is IoT? Why is it important?

Understanding the word will partially clear your idea about the technology in layman’s terms; “Internet of Things” literally means connecting every single functional device known as “Things” with each other through a wired or wireless network for making your day-to-day task easy. 

These things can be sensors, appliances, embedded systems, digital devices, humans, animals, and lastly anything. The main principle of the technology is to allow these things to share information for performing tasks that are rather time-consuming, insecure, require quick decision making or enhance capabilities in every regard. 

The technology has been supporting the advancement of communication and transmission of data, helping to ship innovative ideas effectively. Here we are going to consider the benefits, challenges, and solutions provided by the technology for developing a mobile application.


  1. Statista has stated that global spending on the Internet of Things will reach up to 1.1 trillion by the end of the year 2023.
  2. Kevin Ashton surely coined the term but Wendell Brown is considered the father of Internet of Things.
  3. The concept of IoT was introduced in 1999 and ATM was the first ever device to be embedded with personalized informative features.

Why is IoT in demand for Mobile App Development?

“The Internet of Things will act as a technological catalyst enabling the growth of various industries and in the near future, it will help us build more personalized Tech.”
– Chirag Leuva(Director and Co-Founder of Yudiz Solutions Ltd)

It is believed that IoT is the next driving force of the 4th Industrial revolution vitalizing new innovative concepts that are yet to be discovered. The industry niche that has been effectively reaping the potential of IoT is the mobile industry and to go a step further; Mobile Application Development.

Whether you utilize the technology in developing a mobile application or implement its features in the final product the result will remain interchangeable. High interactivity, Agility, low cost, scalability, and better practical decision making. Let’s discuss it in great detail down below.

  1. Cost

    The technology is primarily best at gathering intelligence and with necessary information developers can make their application comprehensive but at the same time cost-effective. Surely some devices eliminate the middle tech and seamlessly integrate the devices. Internet of Things can help a developer to save on maintenance cost as the majority of the data-related operation is automated and requires a less extensive framework.

  2. Integration

    The second most important characteristic of the technology is its power to harmonize with other advanced technology emerging in the market. Companies focusing on providing solutions based on Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and AR/VR can heavily leverage IoT as gathering information through sensors, and analyzing and performing calculations become easy. Users can operate all the appliances of their house or surroundings with a single touch on their smartphone screen. IoT has made this possible with its simple dynamic of gathering information, executing the task, and providing accurate results.

  3. Scalability

    Since the introduction, the technology was able to scale with tremendous potential as it required minimum apparatus and mechanisms to operate as well as complete a task. People were able to quickly grasp the basic functionalities and currently, they are able to create highly scalable mobile applications. The technology itself has spread its operational capabilities throughout every service available and hence can be provided highly scalable.


Agility in access

Using IoT for your app development can increase the speed at which your products and services gather data as well as store them securely without being altered. The technology can help you to provide seamless data processing capabilities that are still unmatched as it helps to create a unique IoT integrated mobile app framework. 


While storing your massive amount of data the correct value of the information may be altered along the process. IoT provides robust monitoring for your data and enhances security through integrating other technology. For example, Many Technology-based development companies can utilize IoT with blockchain to provide smart wallet applications.  


The world is moving towards a phase of personalization where everyone wants the product or services to function according to their own will. This will only be possible if we have a technology like IoT which collects the useful information related to the user and utilizes it for making the application more interactive. Personalization is one of the strong points where IoT shines when it comes to implementing it in mobile app frameworks.

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