4th Aug 2022

JWT vs OAuth ; Which One is Better Web Authorization?


Written By, Tanvi Kalola


Hello Devs, “Authorization” – To provide access to do something which is being restricted by the host considering it’s an important practice that every application requires. And that is the reason JWT and OAuth both are widely used for web Authorization.
Let’s get some deep ideas about JWT and OAuth.

Introduction To JWT

  • JWT means Json Web Token.
  • It is a Json based format of security token for API Authentication.
  • JWT allows transmitting data between parties as a json object in a secure way.
  • IT is an encoded string which can contain an unlimited amount of data and great technology for API authentication and server-to-server authorization.
  • JWT is use for:
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Data Exchange

Structure Of JWT

  • JWT divided into 3 parts:
    • Header
    • Payload
    • Signatur

They are separated from each other by using dot(.).



  1. Header: It is used for Algorithms and token types.
  2. Payload: It contains additional data.
  3. Signature: It Securely authenticates the token.

Introduction to OAuth

  • OAuth stands for Open Authorization Standard.
  • OAuth uses access tokens instead of passwords to authorize devices, APIs, servers, and apps over HTTPS.
  • OAuth allows programmes to grant “secure delegated access” to client applications.


    • It shows that without OAuth login information is shared while login to Third party Application.

Flow Of OAuth


  • In flow of OAuth it shows the Resource owner credentials are used only on the authorization server, but not on the client.

Introduction to OAuth 2.0

  • It is the version 2 of OAuth .
  • OAuth Version 2 streamlines the previous version of the protocol and makes it easier for different applications to communicate with one another.
  • Even Google, Facebook, Twitter also use the OAuth2 protocol for authentications and authorizations.
  • Using OAuth you can log into Third party applications with your Google, Facebook or Twitter Account.

Difference between JWT and OAuth

JWT is a Token format .OAuth is a standardized authorization protocol that can use JWT as a token.
JWT tokens are Json encoded data structures . OAuth is not an API or service, It is Authorization protocol.
If you need sort flexibility then use JWT .OAuth is very flexible .


Security is an important aspect considering the surmounting data related cyber attacks taking place. So, this was an overview about JWT and OAuth and how it works. And some differences between JWT and OAuth. JWT is a token format and Json encoded data structure which is used for authorization. OAuth is standardized authorization protocol and can access tokens.

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