20th Jul 2022

6 Mobile Game Development Trends You Should Be Following

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Written By, Akash Raidas


There are ample of gaming events going to take place in the next half of the month, starting from esports awards to leagues and the best gaming technology exhibiting several latest mobile game development trends. Game Developers have been mentioning the large-scale growth the gaming industry has seen over the past couple of years.

According to Statista, the global gaming market will see an estimated increase in their amount up to 268.8 billion U.S Dollars annually by the end of 2025. This is something to take note of and there are numerous expected technological trends following this estimation as investing in game development can give a progressive return.

Mobile Game development industries figuring the right approach on meeting the upscaling demands of gamers all around the world.

Mobile-First as one of the Mobile game development trends.

What is the meaning of mobile-first? Well, it’s just a simple term that concludes small-scale platform gaming which is being prioritized by the veterans and industrial experts focusing on evolving mobile game development. Over the past couple of years, especially including the pandemic, it has broken records and become one of the most widespread amusement activities.


  • According to AppAnnie, Players downloaded 89.98 Billion mobile games all over the world. 
  • Sensor tower says that a staggering 61% of Google Play’s revenue comes from mobile games.

Monetization through Mobile games.

In terms of monetization blockchain technology and NFTs will be an integral part of the gaming industry for maintaining the authenticity of any monetary transactions that take place. There are many ways to earn from mobile games, Paid Ads, in-app purchases, subscription models and collectibles are a few examples. This leads to game development industries trying to introduce NFTs which can eventually help the creator as well as the player of the game too.


  • The number of participants who want to implement a play to earn gaming model can be calibrated to 34% which is definitely going to increase to 15% annually.
  • Based on a recent survey it was mentioned that NFT gamers are expected to see a rapid increase of 15% in the upcoming years.

Trending game development platforms.

To hire game developers for developing engaging a game is no joke; it takes a lot of creativity, technicality, brainstorming, and finally bug fixing to develop a commonly playable game. Of course, it is necessary to maintain the imaginative gaming aspects of the game.


  • Unity is one of the trending game development platforms and they have been evolving its capabilities to support more than 25 platforms to have a simple user interface.
  • Unreal engine has been making surprising breakthroughs by adding 3D design features to make the game more life-like.

The rising trend of hyper-casual games.

One of the most captivating and amiable genres topping our list is the rise of Hyper Casual games. They are quick to learn, easy to play and with each level the complexity level ups which makes them one of the most played and fascinated genres to play.


  • Recently fetched data shows that hyper-casual games cover 45% of the mobile games market, which is a lot when you count the number of innovative genres that are being invented.
  • By 2020 the download count of hyper casual games altogether figured around 11.8 billion.

The market for hyper-casual games is a double-edged sword that can be only profitable to you if you are creative enough to make a person sit in front of their mobile screen scrolling, swiping, and tapping to gain levels.

Cloud and Cross-platform gaming trend in mobile gaming.

Cross-platform gaming allows you to play high loading FPS games through a mobile device on the same servers as your friends are able to play on their high-end gaming setup. Currently there are game development companies working on games that will be optimized for cross platform gaming with comprehensive smoothness.

With the technology being optimized to the micro level, mobile gaming is becoming a trendy business and companies are rolling out numerous platforms to elevate the experience of gamers even more. Through mobile cloud gaming, people were able to gain access to the systems and engines to run their extensively graphical games on mobile. It really eliminated the issue of requiring additional resources to play and run high-performing multiplayer games.


  • The global cloud-based mobile gaming market is supposed to grow up to 40 billion US dollars and the compound growth rate is supposed to hit 43% by 2029.
  • During the pandemic, the number of participants increased to 61% which is believed to keep elevating by 2025.

Esports and mobile gaming.

It’s time to get the bunny out of the hat, the biggest trend that has been benefiting mobile game development companies is LAN and online esports events. After the pandemic many mobile based gaming companies have made sure that the future of mobile gaming becomes profitable year by year. There are countless esports events taking place and in SEA as well as EEU region esports platforms are putting a lot of effort into bringing entertainment just one click away.


  • The PMCO 2020 a PUBG based esports event was broadcasted across 14 countries and got an all time viewing of 86,500 persons in just India itself. 
  • Arena of Valor, a MOBA game has been seeing 100 million daily users and we are sure it is going to increase looking at the pro scene.

There is no doubt that the number of mobile based esports events are going to increase with the new games rapidly introduced is the pinnacle of mobile gaming trends.

A Few Final Thoughts.

So there you go, these were the few mobile game development trends that could have a significant impact on the industry. There are plenty of gaming technologies out there still in their early development stages but be assured that you won’t be disappointed. Till then be sure to read our other blogs related to the latest developments and trends or  get in touch with us through our website to explore the several innovative advancements made throughout the world.

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