28th Jul 2022

Top Reasons To Consider Unity 3D For Game Development

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Written By, Akash Raidas


Looking at Unity’s recent developer centric advancement there is no doubt that Unity 3D game development engine is comparatively much more adequate for creating graphic intense games. Developing a game with a strategic approach is not as easy as you think.

With Unity you can transform your game into being the most playable interactive entertainment quite conveniently. Unity has countless benefits and features that have affected their preferences but we have prepared a list of few of the most impactful benefits.

Why choose Unity 3D?

Unity is a game development engine that has been prominently used by several developers and well known game creators as well as companies due to it being feature rich. The ability to scale with the dynamic development happening in the gaming industries has made Unity 3d game development quite popular among independent developments.

Unity has always been able to provide the necessary adaptable features that are not deteriorated with time. So apart from making it easier for the user to run the application and perform tasks, unity has also acknowledged the community as well.

A close look at Statistics

You thought the Game Engine can only be calibrated by words well guess you were wrong here are few statistics that will validate our statements.

  1. Unity supports around 25 platforms and 99% of the indie games made all over the world are powered by this giant development platform.
  2. They could have received more than 10 million dollars annually but decided to keep the basic version of the platform free of charge.
  3. Unity has a world ranking of #1 in the world when it comes to game frameworks. According to a recent survey they are behind 50% of games that are being developed today.

Developer Friendly

Unity has all the necessary components a developer needs. It provides numerous pre-production and scoping mechanisms that enable the user to develop a graphically intensive and entertaining game.

The platform is easy to learn and there are numerous aspects that are quite straightforward. Unity game development is able to offer a wide spectrum of features that can fulfil your demands smartly.


This might be the primary feature that many game devs depend upon. Making a game that is able to run across various platforms allows the creator to be confident with their production. They are sure that it would have a large audience base and recognition.

Unity is compatible with various operating systems, IOS, Steam, PCs, Android, and even consoles. You can also create games in 3D, VR, AR and 2D format. That is why the platform is relished by both users and developers.

Helpful tips as well as resources

Unity has a massive community. They are extremely educational and you might come across some distinctive guiding lessons that might elevate your next big project. There are basic tutorials to guide you through and assist with your projects

Apart from that Unity Game Engine consists of extensive valuable assets. The resources Asset store includes visually stunning animations, BGMs, sounds, scripting languages and much more that can add depth to your story for the game. It also consists of world building features such as scenic backdrops, Well known characters, templates, tools and breathtaking VFX.

Free and pro version

Now let’s talk about the pricing model. Considering the agility and scalability it’s able to offer you will think the platform must be expensive, however that’s not the case. The platform comes with two versions; free of cost that consists of all the standard features and the Pro version.

Working with a pro version requires knowledge and multiple skills that should be polished with each upgrade. But once you acquire the pro version it consists of two advanced features; The Unity Analytic Pro and The Unity Cloud Builder Pro.

Less coding and top graphics

Unity has been reworked many times and upgraded for creating graphically intense games. It allows the users to engage completely without worrying about the system load. The motion is fluid and every animation seems persistent the way you want it to perform.

Another factor responsible for exponential growth of the platform is that you don’t have to be a skilled coder to run your every game. On the other hand it also optimizes the runtime performance. It supports mostly every coding language that is currently functional in the industry. Boo, C#, .NET, C++ are few of the languages supported by Unity.

Debugging and testing game

With every advancement you make into your project, it becomes necessary to test and debug the game. This makes sure your user won’t experience any sort of error and eliminate the possibility of faults. Testing games is quite simple in Unity which lets you experiment with new variants of technologies like 3D, VR, AR, Play to earn models efficiently.

They made the debugging model of the platform easy to learn for a beginner. During runtime game-devs can compare, evaluate and examine their project in real time. There are numerous tools that you can rely on if you are a beginner. Features like one click debugging, quick navigation, easy refactoring and restructuring allows you to quality your game for the gaming industry.

Our End Thoughts

With its extensive feature and robust performance boosting property Unity has firmly established their digital presence and with it will continue to do so. Looking at all the above pros It practically validates our point; why Unity is one of the best platforms for creating stunning games.

For large scale projects it is highly recommended to consider experts who have access to expensive licensed versions, high-end systems, external code libraries and skilled professionals. That’s where we come into effect. We are one of the leading game development company consisting of adept and creative professionals utilizing Unity platform to its full potential. Get in touch with us to discuss your next big project.

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