22nd Jul 2022

Using Vite in Laravel


Written By, Akshay Shah


Vite or Laravel Vite is a new default frontend bundler for Laravel (from version 9.19), replacing the webpack to create production bundles at lightning speed.

Why to use Vite?

    • Performance Improvements:- Vite is very very fast in terms of starting a new dev server, bundling assets, and updating them compared to webpack.
    • Advancements in the ecosystem:- Vite leveraging new advancements in the ecosystem, like the availability of native ES modules in the browser. See full detailed explanation on Vite official docs.
    •  HMR for blade files:- One of Vite’s most prominent features is Hot Module Replacement for Vue.js and React. But recently Freek and Spatie got a working solution for blade files, so you can use HMR on blade files as well.

Installing new Laravel Project with Vite

If you are using a new project of laravel >= 9.19 then vite is now the default bundler, everything is ready to use for you.
Below steps help to create new project with Vite.

Step1:- laravel new project_name
Step2:- cd project_name
Step3:- npm install
Step4:- Add @vite() directive to your layout file before end of head tags

Step5:- npm run dev
Step6:- In order to use HMR for blade file replace this code in your “vite.config.js” (Optional)

That’s it now you can run your application using app_url visible on CLI.
NOTE: If you are using windows then create vhost or if you are using mac then you can use valet.
For more customization and information check out the laravel docs.

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