22nd Feb 2022

WooCommerce: Boost conversion with Pre-Sales activities


Written By, Pooja Paghdar


Conversion means users who are converted from visitors to customers for your e-commerce website. You can get further information regarding the wooCommerce conversion rate in my previous blog. In this blog, we will learn how to increase your conversion rate with pre-sales activities for your wooCommerce based website.

Pre-sales functionality can be used on its own or in combination to improve your sales conversions. Your choice of functionality may be based on the type of products or services you are selling, your target market, and, of course, your budget.

However, it may take some pre-sale effort for users to actually get to your WooCommerce store, take an interest in the products and start shopping. Additionally, you can prioritize leads, move them through faster sales funnels, and improve conversions while creating a positive customer experience.
Here is some trick on how should you set up a robust pre-sales process for your online business.

Get Customers to Request Quotes form

One of the most effective pre-sales functionalities is the quote request form. It does not only speed up the conversion process by unlocking negotiations but also allows you to focus on the leads who really plan to buy.
Increase Your Conversions With Pre-Sales Activities- Request-a-quote
Instead of giving them price information or a “add to cart” button on product pages, you can prompt them to “request a quote” via the button.

There are several benefits to this pre-sale approach:

  • Create more opportunities to convert bulk orders: The wholesale product price may vary according to the customer’s wishes with the actual price at your online store. For this situation, they can contact you directly with a quote request.
  • Understand customer needs better: Some customers want some changes to existing products available in your online store. At the time they submit quote requests, it helps you understand their product preferences and specific demand.
  • A great branding opportunity: you can insert your brand elements into a  form that includes your brand’s colors, typography, and brand logo. That way, customers are reminded of your brand, even when they’re not in your WooCommerce store.
  • Maintain a record of pricing negotiations and sales process: It also allows you to maintain communication with prospects and record every new pricing after negotiations. It is time-sensitive. By allocating quote requests to different team members, you can improve your turnaround time
  • Organize and prioritize quote requests: You can find and flag requests by product categories, order size, and preference with customer requests.
  • Your Business International Law: You can also enable quote request functionality for translation into multiple languages. This way you can overcome the language barrier and enable customers from all segments of the market to trade with you easily.

Use Inquiry Forms to Connect with Interested Leads

In general, customers do not have a clear understanding of their own needs. Sometimes they don’t even realize how your products can help them meet their needs. Therefore, good pre-sales functionality should encourage potential customers to open up and share their needs with you.

This functionality is especially helpful if you have just set up your WooCommerce store and both you and your customers need time and information to get to know each other. The best way to do this is through “inquiry forms”.
Some noticeable advantages include:

  • Create a better-informed consumer profile: It is a concept of customer segmentation. You can get potential customers to submit basic demographic information with their inquiries.
  • Present Customized Explanations: You can make the inquiry form as descriptive as you need, giving your customers a better chance of describing their needs.
  • Analyze Product Specific Demand: You can configure product-specific query buttons to show on each product page using specific plugins like Product Inquiry Pro for WooCommerce. This way, you can analyze customer interest in your proposals.
  • Understand the motivating aspects behind the purchase: Customers encourage with different ways like product price, best quality, or value-added features. With inquiry forms, you’ll be able to determine what is the most important strength behind your customers’ buying behavior.
  • View all queries and prioritize feedback: You can flag inquiries for quick feedback or allocate specific inquiries to teams dedicated to major upbringing. It is also possible to give importance based on product categories, order size, and information nature for effective pre-sales support.

Live Chat to Engage With Potential Customers

Sometimes, your target customers may lack the patience to fill out an inquiry form and wait hours (or worse, days) for any feedback. If they do not find relevant information on the site to make a purchase decision, they will simply opt-out of your sales funnel.
Increase Your Conversions With Pre-Sales Activities-Live-chat

To make sure this doesn’t happen on your WooCommerce store, you can set up a live chat option and engage potential customers in the same pre-sales phase. You can use the plugin or widget to install this functionality in your WooCommerce store and get many benefits.

  • Real-time customer engagement: With easy, boat-subsidized chatting, interested customers can get real-time responses to their questions and can proceed in the purchase process. You can set up a pre-chat form to submit customers to their inquiries.
  • Easy integration with CRM: Live chat option for customer relationship management with seamless integration with your existing CRM software can also be used effectively.
  • Manage customer questions in non-business hours: With the Live chat option, you can also serve those who are browsing potential solutions for their needs, without expanding your support staff.
  • Track Website Traffic and Lead Quality: If customers are unable to find the requested information, they can exit without purchasing. The live chat option allows you to track the inbound website traffic by analyzing the quality and demanding information of interactions.
  • Route bot leads to the live agent: Such routing can save your time in suspicious screening and ensure that valuable leads do not go unattended without full-service support.


According to the conversion rate, the conversion rate and the user experience is statistically significant relationship. But the user experience is not only based on your site design and user interface. Instead, providing a good user experience is about delivering the right material to the right people.
Increase Your Conversions With Pre-Sales Activities-personalization

In short, a good user experience is about individualization, but the user does not have limited personalization like addressing with their first name on email and website.

There are some major personalization tips below to help increase the conversion.

  • Newsletter Subscribers with Exclusive Offers: The newsletter with the best images and descriptions of your products is one of the best things that can attract buyers to visit your online store.
  • Encourage users to buy their page visits:  Give customers what they want by sending emails or popups with a discount related to their in-site activity. You Can also create an emergency on products like “hurry !! There are only a few products”
  • Show items left by buyers on homepage: About 60-70% of online shoppers leave their carts without investigating. You must carry out a specific strategy to remind and encourage them to complete their purchase.
  • Display attractive exit-intent popup: Consider a user who visited a product page on your WooCommerce site and did not buy it. By offering good discounts on this product at the last moment, you can increase the opportunity to convert it to the customer.
  • Using FOMO to re-connect to disabled customers: for inactive customers, You can use FOMO(fear of missing out) to reactivate your inactive users. You can do this by talking about the latest updates.

Automate Email Campaigns for Lead Nurturing

Only one inquiry form or live-chat option is not enough. Your product and services should not more complicated. You will need to set up automatic drip email campaigns to continue and nurture the leads generated by inquiries forums and chats.
Increase Your Conversions With Pre-Sales Activities-lead-generation
Email can be integrated with your WooCommerce store as a pre-sales functionality to start email interaction with customers. they share their contact information immediately.

Like the previous ways to optimize presale conversion, email campaigns also come with their own benefits.

  • Personalize Customer Communication: Email is a more personal way to maintain customer connection because content and frequency can be controlled according to your target audience.
  • Create urgency and excitement: You can send time-sensitive promotional proposals for a limited period. This approach creates excitement around the brand and the leads experience the quickness to complete their purchase process.
  • Try different patches by an independent campaign: If you are still using email for pre-sales. From time to time, you can present a new email campaign, by concentrating on a new product launch, price reduction, bulk-order benefits, or various focuses on increased services.
  • Inspect the customer’s attraction: You can measure the consumer’s interest in the effectiveness of content and products that are publicized by each email campaign.
  • Generate Referrals:  For a lead who is opening your email but not actually purchasing anything. You can also provide unique discounts and referral codes to buyers that can help you create your pre-sale channel.


Well, here’s a list of the top ways to implement pre-sales functionality on your WooCommerce store so you can optimize your conversions. I hope that you will find this blog helpful for how to increase conversion rate by pre-sales activity in your product-based website.

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