29th Aug 2022

5 Crucial Features of eSports App Development

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Written By, Akash Raidas


The eSports industry is booming with creative heads. But we have carefully selected the 5 trendiest and must-have eSports mobile application features.


There are numerous technical aspects involved in the exponential growth of the eSports industry. Since the pandemic digitalization has been introduced and has been making remarkable impacts on every industry. 

Among them, the eSports industry can be considered the freshest niche which has seen proficient technical upgrades. So we decided to cover one of the crucial developing aspects of the industry which acts as an informational bridge between the audience and the pro-scene. We are talking about those highly educational eSports mobile applications that provide you with real-time insights, news, and all the relevant statistics for keeping you updated in every way. 

What is eSports?

The term eSports can be broken down into two different characteristics involved; Electronics and the games that qualify to be a part of small or large-scale tournaments. There are a lot of gaming platforms that have promoted the rise of eSports and even manufacturers of computing devices have introduced a separate sales category dedicated to the eSports industry. Let’s clear our doubts with some interesting facts related to it.

  1. The most watched eSports games are Dota 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends. Out of them, Dota 2 had a surprising viewership count of 17.2 million eSports Hours and a prize pool of $47.73 million last year.
  2. The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 23% from 2019 to 2025, reaching a value of 2.89 billion according to Statista.
  3. PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale mobile based-video game that is seeing 30 million active players daily.

Several Tech-giants, IT companies, and Entertainment and multimedia organizations are taking a significant interest in promoting the pro-eSports platform. There are digital transformation companies that have started catering projects related to eSports App development too as a smartphone is the most economically beneficial platform to bridge the game between pro gamers and the community.

Impact of mobile apps in eSports.

Considering how lucrative the eSports industry has become and the statistics involved on a regular basis it has necessitated the introduction of a full-fledged dedicated platform. The platform consists of a plethora of functionalities and tools that help an average eSports enthusiast to keep up with their favorite team or organization. 

You will find out that for eSports organizations their communities are the most important thing, building a fan base and providing a personalized experience is what they aim for as  eSports  is becoming a prominent mobile game development trend. The fundamentals of the app do include basic analytical and statics features, However, the majority of the significance is given to social media-related features. As they help to boost the digital presence of the eSports organization and keep them connected with their communities.

5 features crucial to eSports mobile app development

We can divide the categories for eSports mobile applications into three elementary concept

  1. Streaming
  2. Statistics
  3. Forums and social connections

They all serve their purpose in distinctive ways and sometimes you can even see overlapping between these categories as making solutions comprehensive is common in mobile app development. Apart from that let’s take a look at those crucial features we were talking about.

  1. Gamified UI
    It’s not a secret that having an immersive User Interface allows the audience to become more interested in the subject. UI is the best way to retain customers through making it alluring and captivating. Development companies are trying to achieve these characteristics through gamifying the UI. Game console-like navigations and fonts resemble the slang used in the gaming industry and backgrounds dedicated to the map of various games.
  2. Interconnectivity
    Increasing accessibility of the platform/applications is the second aim for any developer. We talked about how creating an app more comprehensive is the key. One other way to effectively achieve that is by interconnecting the app with other social media platforms.

    For example, there is a particular eSports analytical app that is connected to a streaming platform providing quick access to the users to their favorite scrims within seconds and they can quickly jump back to the app to conclude a detailed analysis. This ultimate range of connectivity has helped small-time casters to productivity break down a tournament’s match for their fans and spectators.

  3. Monetization
    There is various way to monetize the applications few of them include converting it to a Fantasy eSports Platform, introducing a betting model, and NFT based watch earn model, Supports get special digitized tokens which they can use while they are playing the game and buying/trading plenty of digital assets within the community.
  4. Real-time tracking
    These applications, just like eSports games, are all about speed, accuracy, and building the user’s game sense. To achieve that a high data processing network is necessary and dev-ops have taken a breath of relief since the enhancement made in the sectors of the Internet of Things and the introduction of the 5G network.
    Users who want to be actively involved as a spectator but lack the time and circumstances can make use of analytical data to track the real-time statistics of their teams’ games.
  5. Personalization and Social Forums
    Day in-Day out social media is becoming an essential part of our regular life and developers are smart enough to reap the benefits of social media elements when they begin with their eSports App development. Connecting users through various discussions and chat rooms, a forum is an important feature of the application.

    It enhances the reach and digital presence of the eSports app and provides a sense of personalization to the users as they can openly discuss their favorite plays, moments, technical talks, and much more.

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So these were some of the must-have features if you are building eSports applications yourself. However, it is recommended to consult a mobile app development company as they have the technical expertise and the right tools.

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