7th Jun 2022

WWDC 2022: Key Highlights

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Written By, Ronak Patekar


On June 6, 2022, Apple conducted its WWDC2022 and revealed its next generation silicon chip M2 and with that they also introduced updates in iOS, MacOS, iPadOS and many more things that we are going to talk about in this blog.

This blog is all about highlights of the WWDC-2022 event, so what you are waiting for!!! Tighten up your seatbelt and enjoy.

Apple WWDC 2022

credits: Apple.com

iOS 16

Apple WWDC 2022 IOS 16

credits: Apple.com

Apple has introduced so many new updates in iOS 16 from lock screen to shared iCloud Photo Library. Here we are going to look at some key highlights.

A Personalised Lock Screen:

This is my personal favourite update of this year’s event.

  • We can now personalise lock screens and also edit lock screen Images.
  • Now we can change the clock font and also add widgets in the lock screen.
  • There are a bunch of new wallpaper galleries and also live weather wallpaper.
  • Live activities is also a new feature where we can get live updates of news, sports games, etc.

Personalised Lock Screen

credits: Apple.com

Shared Photo Library:

There are many situations where we want to share images with our family members all at once but we can not do that easily but now we can do that effortlessly.

  • Gives families a new way to share photos effortlessly.
  • Six users can collaborate.
  • Lots of automated ways to contribute to the gallery.
  • Additionally, users will receive intelligent suggestions to share a photo that includes participants in the Shared Photo Library.

Shared Library

credits: Apple.com


  • Ability to edit messages that were just sent.
  • You can now undo messages that were sent.
  • Ability to mark messages as unread by swipe.

Live Text, Visual Look up and Dictation:

  • Live text now applies to video.
  • In display live translation as we move the camera.
  • Developers will have a live text API, to grab text from photos and videos.
  • Visual look up will do Image recognition and provide information about objects.
  • With visual look up we can lift objects with no background and put that into another app like iMessages.
  • Dictation is a whole new experience that allows users to move between voice and typing.
  • Keyboard stays open when speaking and if we want to type between speaking we can easily do that.
  • Also automatically punctuation when voice typing.

Live Text

credits: Apple.com

MacOS Ventura

MacOS Ventura

credits: Apple.com

It was a very good time with the last macOS Monterey, but now we have macOS Ventura in our hands to explore new things. So lets see key highlights of this new update.

Stage Manager:

Stage Manager

credits: Apple.com

We have a habit of opening multiple windows on a desktop, therfore we are having issues managing them properly. That is why Apple has introduced a new Stage Manager to manage windows. Lets see key points:

  • It Helps to manage our open windows
  • Automatically arranges open apps and windows so users can concentrate on specific tasks.
  • Activate from the control center.



credits: Apple.com

There is great updates in designs layout of new SpotLight and also there are differences we can see in search section, so let’s talk about them

  • Can find images.
  • Can search for live text in Image(My personal favourite).
  • Can run shortcuts and timers right from spotlight
  • Sneak peek of results for sports, movies, news etc.

Safari and Continuity:

Safari and Continuity
Safari and Continuity

credits: Apple.com

New updates in browsing with Safari and also new things we can do with Continuity. Let’s take a look:

  • We can do more secure browsing than before with Passkeys.
  • Passkeys use touch ID in place of text password that’s why it can not be phished or leaked
  • Now, share all the tabs in a group.
  • Now we can use iPhone cameras as webcam with updates in Continuity.
  • The camera follows you without moving the camera.
  • This webcam brightens you and dim the background.
  • Also you can see your face and also your desk, hands and keyboard with this webcam because the iPhone has a wide angle lens.
  • We can now use a continuity camera with all conferencing apps like Zoom.

iPadOS 16:

Ipad OS

credits: Apple.com

There are going to be major changes in iPadOS from freeform to collaboration.
Lets sneak peek into some key points:

Freeform and Collaboration:

Freeform and Communication

credits: Apple.com

  • New live collaboration features within applications.
  • Devs get collaboration api so they can also integrate it in their apps.
  • Now everyone can collaborate on white board during a facetime.

iPad Pro and Air:

Ipad pro and air

credits: Apple.com

  • Now user can use stage manager to iPadOS for better multi-tasking
  • Resizing windows for apps on iPad is now easy.
  • Multiple overlapping windows now available in iPadOS16
  • Full external display support (most awaited feature for iPad users)

Gaming and Weather app:

  • Weather app finally on iPad.
  • Weatherkit API will be available for devs to implement related functionality on their app.
  • Users now start a sharePlay session and play with others.
  • Metal3 and Background Download API will be available for iPadOS16.

M2 Silicon, MacBook Air and Macbook Pro:

M2 Silicon, MacBook Air and Macbook Pro

credits: Apple.com

In a previous blog we discussed about M1 Ultra silicon and now we are going to talk about the new silicon M2.
Most awaited thing in this WWDC is the new silicon chipset. This M2 chip is way more powerful than previous M1 silicon and we can experience it in the new macbook Air and macbook Pro.
So here, We are going to see some key highlights about all the three things:

M2 Silicon:

M2 Silicon

credits: Apple.com

  • Core focus on power efficiency
  • Now you can extend ram upto 24 GB
  • 2 more GPU cores than M1
  • 40% more operations per second than M1
  • 50% more memory bandwidth than M1
  • 18% faster CPU than M1

Macbook Air:

Macbook Air

credits: Apple.com

  • It is the first Macbook to get an M2 chip.
  • 13.6’ inch display with thinner borders.
  • 11.3 mm thin and 2.7 lbs.
  • 4 new wonderful colours: Silver, Space Grey, Midnight, Starlight.
  • Fanless silent design with Liquid Retina Display.
  • Most amazingly that provides a 1080p factimhd camera.
  • Supporting 18 hours video playback means power efficiency is great.

Macbook Pro:

Macbook Pro

credits: Apple.com

  • Has an M2 Chip.
  • 40% faster in photo editing compared to M1.
  • Solid battery with 20 hours of video playback.
  • Also supports 24 GB of unified memory.
  • Support for ProRes encodes and decodes.

What Next???

What can we expect Next???

One thing is clear: M1 Family transition has been completed and it’s time for new M2 family transitions.

There will be a new iMac going to be introduced with Powerful M2 chip in future events and there will be a new iPad with this silicon too.

There is no sign of a new iPhone right now, but expected to launch soon in September with updated iOS.

So, Yeah this is all about WWDC 2022.

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