18th Aug 2021

Brush effects in Illustrator

Game Design

Written By, Prakash Singh Rajawat


Hello friends,
Yes,” a picture is worth a thousand words”. But sometimes, images alone can’t work. This is why text is used alike for users to perceive information. It is easy to attract the user using typography but holding their attention requires more creativity.
So here we have a trick to make text more creative with the help of a brush tool in Adobe illustrator.
Let’s get started

How to create pattern brush from text

We will use the power of illustrator pattern brushes to create this effect. Grab the type tool from the toolbar and type in the word of your choice I will be using “ YUDIZ ”, select the font of your choice, this effect works with any font. To create a pattern brush follow these steps.

Step 1 : Type text
Step 2 : Right click > create outline
Step 3 : Drag it in brush panel
Step 4 : Select pattern brush and click ok


How to apply effect on text

This effect is a combination of brush, shape and colors. We create a pattern brush to repeat the text in a specific path or shape and then apply changes to make it more interesting. For this effect follow these steps.

Step 1 : Draw circles
Step 2 : Apply new brush
Step 3 : Change stroke width profile 4
Step 4 : Go to effect > distort & Transform> transform
Step 5 : Change copies 1
Step 6 : Adjust horizontal, vertical scale and angle
Step 7 : Increase no of copies
Step 8 : Click ok

Fill color

Now comes the tedious part of colouring. Color gives a new perspective in your text and makes it more presentable and attractive. To fill colors follow these steps.

Step 1 : Object > Expand appearance > ungroup
Step 2 : Change colours



Select and apply the free transform tool (shortcut E) (free distort) as you want. The Free Transform tool allows us to rotate, scale , reflect ,slant or distort an object.

After transformation it is ready to export. There is no boundation for colors and shapes. You can show your creativity and create more interesting effects by changing colors and shapes.

Examples : 


This is it with this trick. Show your creativity and create more such attractive text. Hope you will use this trick in your work

Written By,

Game Designer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd