31st Mar 2021

Creating 3D Game Asset (Stairs)

Game Design

Written By, Jay Patel

Hello Designers,

There has been a lot of discussion regarding creating low poly 3D props. In order to make the Various applications compatible for mobiles & VR, it is necessary for the designer to make low poly assets so that the application can run smoothly. Then a question might arise how one can achieve the desired result as they want.

– Baking normal details in the 3D mesh

So there is one best way of baking the normal details on the models. Also, it depends on the requirement of the model.


  1. Creating high and low poly mesh in MAYA or MAX itself.
  2. Creating or sculpting the mesh in mudbox, Zbrush, or other tools & Retopology the same.
  3. Creating the base mesh in a 3D tool and then start adding details on that in Z brush or any other sculpting tools.

So here is what we are going to achieve

Here you can see the crack and other details have been baked in the normal map.

So, let’s get through this step by step.

  1. Created base mesh in Maya as shown in below image also add some edge as we are going to do smooth value in Zbrush
  2. After that just import the obj in ZBrush or other tools and add the details or sculpt you want to get and have fun.
  3. After Sculpting export the high poly mesh from ZBrush.
  4. Now let’s unwrap the UV of the low poly mesh.
  5. Now it’s time to add texture to the model. For this, I had preferred to use Substance painter. After importing the low poly mesh you need to select the bake mesh map in the texture set setting and then import the high poly mesh in the tab as marked in the below imagehigh-poly-mesh
  6. The result is what you can see in the detail in the image.result-img
  7. Now just enjoy the texturing as per your own wish. Here are the maps of the results.final-output

Base Color map





AO Map

Project Source files:-


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Game Designer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd