30th Jan 2019

Farming of your IDEA


Written By, Barsan Patel


Here you can see the journey of IDEA (Requirement) to Mockup UX/UI Design (Process of UX/UI Design)

UX/UI Process is same as Farming Process


I will give you an example for UX/UI process of cryptocurrency wallet and for the farming process, an example is Rose Flower Farming

See the Suspense first

  • See the process of UX/UI with the Rose farming process
  • I gave an example of Rose farming because UX design (Features wise) is like the smell of a rose which is so aromatic and a UI design is more like a rose which is a beautiful flower.

“ Rose is a symbol of love make sure you will love the blog “


The journey from IDEA to Mockup UI design


Written By,

Sr. Business Analyst at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd