11th Jun 2021

Fun with 3D tool in Illustrator

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Written By, Chintan Sharma


Hello Folks,

We create 3D objects in 3D software like maya,3ds max, blender, etc, but many of us do not know that we can create 3D designs using illustrator. Adobe illustrator, when we hear that word, we think about Vector design & 2D design only, but we can also design fake 3D effects.
So let’s get to designing.

Creating Symbol

In illustrator, we have to create a symbol, Symbol is nothing but simple Graphics which we convert into a symbol. So what do we do to make a symbol? Let’s make a symbol, first, make simple graphics, GO TO Window, Select Symbols then the Symbol panel appears and select your graphics, and Click ‘+’ which is in the symbol panel.
When you click the ‘+’ then you see your graphics placed in the symbol panel.

Make Simple 3D object

In Illustrator if we want to create a 3D object you need to follow the below steps first.
Step 1 – Draw a half circle
Step 2 – Goto Effect > 3D > Revolve
Step 3 – Change Edge left to right

Apply Symbol on Object

After all the work done for the 3D object, next, we have to apply a symbol on the 3D object that means your graphics will place in the object, to place graphics in the model we used map art, Map art is nothing but the surface of your model, in map art, you have a different surface to apply your graphics now see how to apply that.
Step 1 – Click on Map art
Step 2 – Goto Symbol > Select your Symbol
Step 3 – And Click on Scale to fit
Step 4 – Define Angle

Making 3D Text

Here another example of text with Extrude & Bevel tool


This is it. Hope you find this helpful. Keep coming back for more such blogs.


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