24th Sep 2021

How our development process increased the sales of Dangee Dums


Written By, Suhana Bhattacharyya


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dangee Dums is a household name.

But, the company set its first foot in the market in 2011 and changed the bakery industry. It all began when Dangee Dums introduced premium cakes for as low as Rs. 250 and surprised the public.


Since then, the company has been producing not just cakes but also other lip-smacking delicacies.

But, as time changed, the company quickly realized that they needed a Standalone eCommerce website to reach a larger audience and enhance their brand awareness.

That’s when Yudiz Solutions developed a website using the Magento eCommerce platform using MySQL.

Why we chose Magento specifically for eCommerce website development?

Using Magento for developing an eCommerce platform has many benefits. It provides:

  • ready to use eCommerce functionality,
  • free commerce version,
  • lots of extensions available for enhancement,
  • can handle different types of products,
  • Multi-store Feature,
  • security,
  • Flexibility, and
  • Scalability,

The web pages and their functionalities.

Now coming to the website, below are few important web pages of the website.

  1. Homepage
    To grab the attention of the visitors, the website opens up to a banner slider that lists some of the company’s mouth-watering products and their attractive offers.
  2. About us pagecake-infoThe ‘About us’ section signifies the company’s principles and the belief with which they started the business. They also explain the model (Company Owned Company Operated model) that they follow to ensure quality is maintained from the manufacturing unit to their outlets.
    Also, the ‘History’ page beautifully captures the progress of the company and the number of products that they kept adding year after year.
  3. Order nowshop-cakes
    The ‘order now’ page lists the collection of cakes, ice creams, chocolates, pastries, cookies, and more, from which the customer can choose and proceed accordingly.
  4. Designer cake Page

    Dangee Dums also design spectacular cakes for every occasion and thus have a separate designer cake section for which the customers can inquire.
  5. Investor Center page

    Dangee Dums is a popular brand with enormous market reach and thus, it becomes equally important to list the details of the company and share information with the public and the investors. This center includes information like annual reports, shareholding patterns, and presentations that help build trust in the brand and pave the way for success.

Visual Design (UI/UX)

The website’s visual design plays a major role in its success as a consistent design pattern enhances its navigation, usability, and eliminates confusion among the users.

The colors and texts chosen for the website were kept simple and, resembled the company’s brand to strike a chord with the users coming on the website.

Both, mood board and style guides were designed keeping in mind the ease and quick in and out experience of the user.

Yudizian who worked on the project and their experience


Yash Ganatra (Web Designer) 

“ For the website, we have designed it in Magento theme and styled the components by custom design. All the hard work was worth it. ”


Gordhan Chauhan (Senior Web Developer)

“ All the features and functionalities crucial for an eCommerce website were included without compromising on its safety and security. ”


Karan Rami (Project Manager)

“ Though having a strict timeline of the project, the team delivered it on time and provided ongoing support at all times. ”

The Challenges we faced during the development.

Developing a standalone eCommerce platform for a well-established business wasn’t easy.

Whether it was, using the right mix of colors that promote the brand image of Dangee Dums or avoiding over-crowding the website with content, our website developers worked hard to instill the qualities of a great website into this product.

During the initial project scope, a user needed to enter their area location at the beginning of the website.

This functionality can frustrate the customer, creating a negative brand image and eventually result in losses.


To prevent that, we suggested that the location module should pop up only if the customer decided to buy a product and proceed with the payment process. Otherwise, the customer should have complete freedom to explore the website and learn about the company and its policies.

And, while we used Magento for website development, the location finder feature was custom-made by our developers because the framework couldn’t support it.

Keeping the web page clutter-free in the investor center was challenging while also providing to-the-point information to the customer. For this, we used multi-level options that enabled the user to download the data that was needed.


The website has helped Dangee Dums move closer to its customers and create an impression that sets them apart from the competitors.

Studies show that eCommerce platforms are growing at an increasing rate and signals that the future is bright and stable. Any business willing to move forward and reach a global audience must have an eCommerce website, but having one isn’t just enough.

Written By,

Jr. marketing consultant at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd