5th Apr 2021

How to integrate Yoast SEO in Frontity


Written By, Richa Kalaria


  • As a leading web development company, we know that just building a website isn’t enough. A website with no visitors is as good as not having one and SEO is important to boost your rankings and profits.
  • Nowadays, SEO ‘Search Engine Optimization ’ is the most important thing for your website. To maintain regular traffic on your website SEO is much needed. It optimizes your website and takes your web pages to a higher position in search results in any of the search engines.
  • In this article, we will guide you on how easy it is to integrate one of the most popular WordPress plugin Yoast SEO in Frontity. For this, we are going to use the @frontity/yoast npm package which is designed automatically to get and render all the tags that the Yoast SEO plugin uses for WordPress to expose in the REST API. There are only a few easy steps to follow and you will get much better SEO for your website.

Note: This will only work on Yoast SEO 14.0 and later versions.
To check this you can check from the post API endpoint and search for yoast_head which contains your SEO metadata.

Integrate Yoast SEO in Frontity

To integrate Yoast SEO in Frontity, you need to install the @frontity/yoast package.

Step 1: Go to the root directory of your project and execute the following command. This command will install the package in your project.

Step 2: Add the following yoast package name in frontity.settings.js

Step 3: Run the development server


Before installing the Frontity Yoast package, the website will not render SEO meta tags.

After installing the Frontity Yoast package, website pages are able to render SEO meta tags.


That’s it. Hope this will be helpful for your Frontity website and can improve your scores in search engines. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.

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