11th May 2020

Neumorphism Design 2020


Written By, Viren Amrutiya


Here, we will brief you about the latest design trend that is neumorphism design. Neumorphism design is a soft UI version of the real-life objects. In this blog, we will learn more about neumorphism design and how to create it.

What is neumorphism design?

Neumorphism design is a trending design style in 2020. I’m not really sure but according to my research, Alexandar Plyuto was first to post his first neumorphism design on Dribbble in Nov, 2019.

Neumorphism design resembles real-life objects. When flat design development and skeuomorphic combine it will become neumorphism design. (Skeuomorphism is resembling real-world objects in a graphical way using objects, shapes, shadow, colors, detailing to feel like real objects through the display, etc…)

Neumorphism object is created with basic properties like background colors, shapes, gradients, light and dark shadows and all those properties give that real object look and that of being pushed through a display.
Here is an example of our neumorphism design work, check out on dribbble

neumorphism calculator


neumorphism converter

How to create a neumorphism object for design?

Creating a neumorphism design is not rocket science, it is very simple to give a neumorphism look to any flat object. Here are the 3 steps to create a neumorphism style.
Create, Color and Shadow

Step – 1

Create shape(s) that you want to make neumorphism in any software which you usually use like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc…, Here, we have used sketch.

Step – 2

After creating a shape(s) add colors in the background and object(s). For better effect, don’t use pure white and black.

Step – 3

Shadows are the most important part of neumorphism design. Light and dark shadows when combined, create an embossed effect on the object and give it a realistic look.

Apply light shadow on the upper left side of the object and dark shadow on the bottom right side

For shadows, the values of shadow property are as below
Note:- We can change Values of shadows as per object size and spacing around an object

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • As we know neumorphism style is trending, so we can easily apply it in UI projects like Mobile Application, Web Application, and desktop application.
  • Using this style on components like buttons, toggle, slider, etc…, gives a realistic feel to the user through the display.


  • To create a neumorphism style component we need more space than usually used in flat design components.
  • There is an issue with this style of visibility due to color contrast and shadows
  • Display quality also matters; the visibility of neumorphism design varies with changing the resolution of the display and high or low brightness.


Neumorphism design is a cool and trending style, not a replacement of any other style. This style can be used in small projects and, for large scale projects can use this style for small components.

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Graphics Designer at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd