31st May 2022

Prime Benefits of Leveraging Laravel for PHP Developers


Written By, Vishal Kachalia

Our life is governed by multiple apps that we use on a daily basis. They have successfully become a special part of our digital modern life. Technical markets are filled with fierce competition to build the best applications that people will indulge in and use every day. However, one has to take into account a number of factors like tools, platforms, resources, programming language, and framework while developing an application.

Due to the large availability of various programming languages and frameworks, it can be quite difficult to choose the appropriate ones for a project. Without a second thought, Laravel is one of the finest web development frameworks available in the market. PHP, also called Hypertext Processor, is a widely used scripting language that can be incorporated into HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. With Laravel, the PHP community has developed some of the best PHP frameworks since 1991. Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks that has taken PHP to new heights. With model-view-controller design patterns and being outsourced, it is very easy to understand what happens to be a reason for attracting a lot of users.

This article is going to introduce you to one of the best PHP frameworks, Laravel. It will tell you about the prime Benefits of Leveraging Laravel for PHP Developers.

What are the features of the Laravel PHP framework?

  • Bundles: Laravel 3 introduced a modular package system for Laravel. Source code can be assembled into ‘bundles’ that can then be managed. It is possible for bundles to possess unique configurations, views, routes, tasks, and migrations.
  • Vivid ORM: ORM which stands for Object-Relational Mapping is a progressive PHP implementation. Its function is to map all the active record sequences. Specifically, this particular characteristic allows Laravel to provide all database tables as specific lessons.
  • Query Builder: This feature came into addition after the release of Laravel 3 and is responsible for providing users with alternative direct database ingress to the Eloquent ORM.
  • Application Logic: Application logic which is thought to be a vital part of maximum advanced applications can be carried out as a primary part of the route declarations. Another way to implement this is by using different controllers.
  • Reverse Routing: This option stands out by way of allowing the customers to make modifications to routes at a later time. This feature defines the relationship which exists among all routes and links.

Advantages of Laravel for PHP Developer

Rich features and the highly flexible nature of Laravel PHP contribute to being a very popular web development framework. Undoubtedly, the benefits of the Laravel framework give it the potential to give an edge over any other competitor. This is why it’s far broadly embraced by developers around the world. Currently, about 737,000 websites are powered by Laravel effectively. Let’s discuss the various advantages it provides over others.

  • The low budget of PHP framework: The PHP framework provides a cost-effective feature that promotes its popularity being an open-source and widely available for free across the web. You can download it without any charges. It also doesn’t even require any sort of licensing for usage.
  • 100% open source: Laravel is 100% open source, and offers more room for customization and modification demands. This implies that you are free to use it in any project. Of course, you’ll have to pay for a skilled Laravel developer to build your website (especially if you know very little about coding). Laravel is more cost-effective in the long run since it takes less time to build and maintain than a competing framework.
  • Great Security and Protected Authorization: Laravel PHP Framework takes protection critically within its framework. Laravel comes with an authorization gadget that is solid and sturdy. Laravel, as a PHP framework, comes with security features including hashed and salted passwords out of the box. This means that perhaps the password is not saved in a textual pattern and is instead encrypted using a hashing method to prevent the framework from being hacked. Injection attacks also are avoided from taking place in your database by using Laravel.
  • Future-ready Web Applications: With each passing day, the Laravel PHP web app development framework is growing and becoming quite popular among developers.
  • Object-oriented libraries and eloquent ORM: This feature makes Laravel the top choice for PHP developers and frameworks. These libraries come with first-rate capabilities including password resetting, lively user monitoring, encryption mechanism, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and extra. You can also recover your lost data from your database by Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM).
  • Artisan commands: Artisan is a command-line interface. MVC files can be generated using artisan tools. It uses an effective Symfony Console element to build the application and assist in records migration and control.
  • Database migration: another advantage of the Laravel PHP framework is that it makes database migration easy. It additionally guarantees an easy drift whilst switching databases by means of converting details concerning the configurations of Laravel.
  • MVC support: Model-View-Controller or MVC is a web architectural pattern. Laravel Framework comes with MVC making it convenient to apply and fantastic for constructing a small business or sizable software. You can also easily find files in logical directories. This function additionally enables them to solve troubles in an established manner.
  • Traffic Handling: PHP Laravel Framework makes the handling of application traffic easy and convenient. Laravel includes a unique message queue design that provides you to postpone some website tasks, including sending emails, until later. Controlling time-consuming activities makes it possible for your website to execute duties considerably more quickly. This will not only keep your website’s server in good working order but may also save you money on hosting in the long run.
  • Makes separation of “Business Logic Code” from “Presentation Code” easy: Such separation permits Html Layout Designers to exchange the advent of an internet web page without difficulty without interacting with Developers. Laravel is an MVC framework that makes this separation easy.
  • Easy third-party interactions: Every site needs to be integrated with a third-party application like PayPal etc for various reasons. Laravel makes this interaction easy with the use of its clean APIs for integration.
  • Automated and Unit Testing Feature: Laravel Framework provides excellent testing support. Laravel Framework provides automation testing support, making sure that the web app is performing well. You can also test each component or module of your app to ensure that the integrated application is performing well or not when all the modules add up with the virtue of its unit testing feature.
  • Quick and simple: Due to the popularity of the PHP framework, most web development companies in India are already familiar with it, making development simpler and easier for developers. Approximately 5-6 websites can be built by the developer within a short span of a day or two.
  • Flexible to the max: Laravel offers the ability to create a fully functional eCommerce site as well as a simple and professional B2B site. It can construct and support a number of complex features for your site, like password reset and encryption, thanks to its large pre-installed authorization library. There are several third-party packages available to provide your website a variety of features and functionalities, including Socialite, which allows visitors to sign in using their social network credentials if you choose to include that option.


Laravel PHP has expanded enormously in recent years making it one of the most flexible and tremendous frameworks utilized in developing web applications. It is a brilliant choice for both companies and developers across the globe. Its features like flexibility, practical nature, cost-efficiency, intuitiveness, an unmatched level of user-friendliness, and plenty more are contributing to its recognition amongst developers. Laravel PHP is the best match for any kind of IT project development starting from simple sites to massive marketplaces and CRM solutions.

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