8th Sep 2020

6 Website Improvements for a Post-COVID-19 Sales Boost


Written By, Vishal Kachalia

Covid-19 has taken a toll on many businesses, and software development companies are no exception to it.

But this blog is not focused on discussing the effects of COVID-19 on businesses. We are here to walk you through the top 6 website improvements you could make to boost up your sales post COVID-19.

Because as they say, “Don’t cancel the year that woke you up.”

So, let’s focus on the positive sides of it. With an immense set of opportunities online, there are chances for businesses to bounce back.

The reason is the majority of the people have gravitated towards social media and online networking due to the alteration in their lifestyle amid the lockdown phase. Hence, the business owners can grab this time and opportunity to gear up website improvements and turn the potential visitors into their clients.

So, here it goes!

Volunteer in the Fight Against COVID-19

Undoubtedly, we are all in this together. As an organization, participate actively in online activities to create awareness about the preventive measures to be taken to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Following are some of the options any website owner or a website development company can choose to:

  • Design a COVID-19 info web page showing real-time stats about the growing cases globally in graphical and tabular formats including precautionary measures.
  • Develop mobile applications where doctors offer online medical consultation through video calling facility and become a blessing for the patients.
  • Design Mask Detection and Temperature Scanning models with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology to ensure safety measures in public places against the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Increase your presence across social media platforms and make regular posts to engage your potential audience be it Linked In Twitter or Facebook. It influences a sense of trust and allows customer engagement, eventually landing new leads.

Optimize with SEO Strategy

Optimize SEO

SEO is the key to driving the website’s success. Since more people have come online to browse over the web, hiring a digital marketing company can really do the job for you to draw down the potential audience and convert them into customers.

A professional digital marketing company in the US pulls all the website reports and lists down the fixes required. The next step is to develop an SEO strategy with the help of digital marketing experts.

It includes refreshing your existing website content to match the search intent of the user and optimize your most visited pages or subpages, page titles, meta descriptions, content promotion, and so on.

Don’t miss out on building a backlink profile and join hands with your existing partners to lift each other in these challenging times. It allows Google to index your site with reputable and trustworthy content contributing to your online authority.

Integrate Chatbots to Gear Up Customer Services

Under the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers are already facing hard times in reaching out the customer support. Above all, most of the businesses are operating with a limited staff of 70-80% to save on their finances paid to the workforce.

During this situation, a chatbot is highly reliable to render immediate support or information in regards to the services or products and increase customer conversations.

It offers real-time and extensive customer assistance with improved user experience. What’s more, it works 24*7 to drop answers to customer queries and hence can serve the global audience.

Improvise Your Website If Necessary

Google Analytics

Study Google Analytics report and invest in understanding the performance of your website both in mobile and desktop versions. Based on the audience behavior and website analysis you can improve the following factors that are duly responsible for website traffic.

Website CTA
Be creative with the design and add lucrative texts of the website CTA buttons. Ensure it is that effective for the user to click without surpassing it. It is one of the website improvements to optimize new leads and increase customer conversion.

Page Load Times
There are several ways to speed up page loading time. Hire website development company to get a free consultation by the web experts and work on the website flaws to enable seamless customer experience.

Web Design and Visuals
Revamp your website by creating a professional web design and visuals. A great design with motion UI allows your website to gain traction, decrease wait time (reduce bounce rate), and thereby rank high on the SERP results.

Boost Up Content Development

Content Marketing

Under the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown waves, the reports say that mobile usage has significantly spiked than before. Everything from Education, Information, Gaming, Entertainment, Socializing, and Shopping has become mobile-centric.

This lays down a great sales opportunity for businesses to optimize website traffic with increased content development, including images, videos, articles, and blogs. Focus more on mobile content writing and promote it across social media platforms to enhance your brand visibility.

Alongside developing content, make sure you optimize the text around the right choice of keywords and put through a content marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

Invest in Target Niche Advertising


This is one of the crucial steps in the website improvements to outreach more customers and creates brand awareness. To reach a certain amount of audience beyond your network, investing in targeted advertising can become your best decision ever.

It’s understood that the Covid-19 has severely affected the business metrics of customer conversion rates through Google Ad campaigns. Having said that, we can’t ignore the fact that the average cost per click has lowered, and it can be the perfect time to invest your finances in advertising.

Looking at the increase in mobile consumers, website owners can draw more traffic with social media ads and campaigns. But it is important to choose a social media platform relevant to your target audience and not blindly promote your brand among the ghost audience who are not looking to sign up for any of your services.


We hope this blog turns out to be a detailed guide on making some essential website improvements to maintain your website’s health. Try all of the steps and attract new sales opportunities post COVID-19.

Don’t overthink it, but get started today to grow out of these challenges and take your business to the next level.

Written By,

Marketing Manager at Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd